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Term V Activities 

8 – 15 December 2016

Term Five is an enjoyable way to end the school year.  It is an opportunity for students to broaden their educational experiences, and to develop healthy, positive attitudes to leisure time. Students are able to work with staff from across all faculties to form mutual interest-based groups. Students' diverse interests have been catered for with six days of activities.


Term Five is part of Duval High School's annual curriculum. Students are required to participate in all sessions, and any unexplained absences are treated in the usual way. If any unexplained absences occur they may affect certification at a later date. If any family has difficulty paying for an activity they should contact the office.


We hope that you and your children carefully consider the available options and decide on those activities which are of most benefit and interest.


Buses are available for students to travel to venues away from the school. Students must return to school for the lunch break. Students cannot be released to wander the town during the lunch break.   Buses will depart from the Duval High School bus bay and will return to school at the end of activities. Bus cost is built into all away from school activities.


2016 Term V Booklet (pdf 1107 KB)