Students and Staff

Student Input

Our students are at the heart of our community.  They will continue to be sought for their thoughts about the new school and their insights will be the basis for many decisions that are made:

  • Student Focus Groups are underway to discuss a range of subject matter including the school merger and the uniform;
  • Feedback has also been gathered from AHS and DHS students in relation to the new school and the transition process;
  • Student leaders from all years in both schools met with the staff to discuss the Positive Behaviour for Learning program for 2018. The staff were very impressed with the mature and insightful input provided by the students. This will be used to inform and develop the PBL focus for next year.
  • We will continue to ensure student voices are heard in the planning process going into 2018.


Staff Update

The Executive Team from AHS and DHS have been meeting fortnightly to consolidate new school policies and practices, plan staff Professional Learning and endorse the student transition events planned by the combined Student Wellbeing teams.


The vision and mission statements have been developed and the Executive is developing the first draft of the combined School Plan 2018-2020.


Dedicated Teams

AHS and DHS Futures Teams are working together with both school's Leading & Sustaining and Positive Behaviour for Learning Teams to plan the professional learning for staff in 2018, with a focus on contemporary pedagogical practices. 


Staff input

AHS and DHS staff have had an opportunity to comment on their design preference for the layout of staff amenities, student amenities, library, learning spaces and staff spaces.  This information will be provided to NBRS Architects for consideration.