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Last updated 4:48 PM on 23 August 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

2017 Higher School Certificate Examination Venue

I am please to inform you of the arrangements that Duval High School has been able to put into place to ensure that your children have the best environment for completing their HSC examinations.

In partnership with the University of New England, Duval High School students will have access to the Wright Centre for the majority of their 2017 Examinations.

From Monday 16 October 2017 (HSC Day 1) to Friday 3 November 2017 (HSC Day 15) inclusive, students will sit their HSC examinations at the Wright Centre. Special event parking has been arranged on the grass next to the Wright Centre at no cost to the students.

The Wright Centre is behind the new, colourful Wright Village and can be accessed from Elm Ave by turning into either Abbott Road or Meredith Road. There will be signs indicating the Special Event Parking area to direct students.

From Monday 6 November 2017 (HSC Day 16) to Tuesday 7 November (HSC Day 17) inclusive, the remaining HSC examinations will be held at Duval High School.

We will be providing students with an opportunity to walk through the venue in week 8 to familarise themselves with the facilities and to ensure they are comfortable on the day their examinations begin.

It is hoped that in the future all the HSC examinations will be held off site. Unfortunately, it was not possible for 2017.

Yours sincerely

Stafford Cameron