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Last updated 10:05 AM on 24 July 2015

Duval High School student and local cyclist, Sam Munday has recently returned from an amazing week in the United States where he attended a talent camp for road cyclists living with Type 1 Diabetes.Sam Munday


Held in Athens, Georgia, from June 23 – 28, Sam was one of 24 of the world's best Type 1 diabetic cyclists, who were selected to attend the Team Novo Nordisk Talent Identification Camp.

Team Novo Nordisk is a global all-diabetes sports team, with the world's first all-diabetes professional cycling team. Their mission is to inspire, educate and empower people affected by diabetes.

To be eligible for the camp, Sam had to prove that he was consistently training hard and racing well.  He trained on road and indoors at SportUNE and was one of only two cyclists selected from Australia.

Sam became aware of Team Novo Nordisk through a local diabetes educator and was put in touch with Justin Morris, a professional cyclist who rides for the team.

"Justin has acted as a fantastic mentor for me and inspired me to pursue my dreams in cycling and taking a positive attitude towards life with diabetes," Sam said.

Whilst at the camp Sam trained for up to five hours each day on the bike, participated in yoga classes, met with diabetes educators and team doctors to discuss diabetes management, played bike skill games, and got to spend time with other diabetic cyclists.

"I learnt more about managing diabetes as a rider, and was lucky enough to train with professional athletes living with the condition," he added.

Sam's ultimate goal is to become a member of the Team Novo Nordisk Development Team, and one day the professional team.  He would also like to be an advocate for greater awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.

As someone who lives with Type 1 Diabetes, Sam tests his glucose levels up to 10 times a day, takes multiple injections of insulin, eats a balanced healthy diet and exercises daily. Sam believes, "Diabetes should not stop you from achieving. Rather, let it fuel you to be stronger and more determined to reach your goals. And never use it as an excuse."

Looking into the immediate future Sam hopes to be selected for the Development Squad for 2016, which would involve attending an annual training camp in January, followed by US and International races year round.