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Last updated 12:22 PM on 15 August 2012

The Duval Careers Festival took place in the school gym on Wednesday, 25July and was a ROARING success!  The event was organised by Duval's own Mrs Lana Hardman, who worked tirelessly for four months to make this dream a reality.


It is safe to say that nobody expected the Festival to be so huge.  The hall and entrance were entirely transformed, with potted plants, over 240 helium balloons, BBQ, and fairy floss machines.  Well over 1,000 people attended not only Duval students but also students from schools (public and private) from around Armidale.


Over 47 stalls lined the hall and were filled with representatives from places such as Coles, Ella Baché, Hutchinson & Harlow Real Estate, NSW Mining, the Police, the Army, Teachers and even a Veterinary Clinic.  The clinic brought along a dog and a cat, and later performed a live surgery…..on a toy!


Entertainers such as Dunbar the Clown made an appearance, and created balloon animals and objects continuously all night.  There was also Soo-Wee the Magician, who amazed and freaked us out a little!  For those who did not know, that magician is also a dentist!


The Careers Festival was a brilliant opportunity for not only Duval students, but all Armidalestudents to explore and learn more about future careers, and we hope there will be many more to come.


Katie Broomfield, Year 10