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Last updated 9:55 AM on 3 December 2015

From 2 November 2015, a new online SSTS application process is being introduced for schools within the Opal network, coinciding with the introduction of the School Opal card.

Schools outside the Opal network should continue to process the existing blue SSTS application forms and send them to the appropriate transport operators.

Most parents, guardians and students won't need to apply for a school travel pass for 2016 if they have already been given a school student travel pass for the current year. These will be automatically sent to the school by Transport for NSW for term one 2016.

However, students should use the new form if they:

  • are just starting school and have not had a pass for travel before
  • are moving from year 2 to 3 or year 6 to 7
  • are changing schools or campus, including going between primary and secondary school
  • or, if their personal details have changed (e.g. address)

How schools can help?

Schools should continue to distribute the Application Form for Subsidised Travel and Update of Student details provided by Transport for NSW in the coming weeks to parents, guardians and students. If you would like more forms please visit the website http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/customers/ssts/schools/how-order-ssts-forms-and-brochures or contact ssts.operations@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Find out more about the SSTS at www.transport.nsw.gov.au/customers/ssts/schools.

What if I have completed a blue application form manually and submitted this already?
All completed blue paper application forms already received will be processed and no additional online application is required. Any new application forms will need to be submitted electronically through the new online system.