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Last updated 4:36 PM on 7 February 2014

Each year in high school brings new academic and personal challenges for parents and their teens.

The School A to Z website has created a year-by-year guideto help you navigate the challenges and decisions your child will face as they commence Years 7,8,9,10,11 and 12.

For example, if your child is commencing Year 8 or 10, they'll need to start thinking
now about the electives they want to choose later in the year.

All students can use a helping hand learning organisational and planning skills, regardless of whether they're settling into Year 7 or focussing on the HSC later this year.

School A to Z has also created monthly planners for 2014that include all NSW public holidays and school term dates.

Print off several copies for your child and keep them in high visibility areas, like on the fridge and near their work desk.

You can also encourage your child to plan out their daily commitments and their homework and study times by using a weekly schedule template.

Read School A to Z's Year-by-year tips for high schoolfor tips on what the next 12 months of school may hold for your child.