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Last updated 12:10 PM on 19 June 2012

Should Year 10 subject selections be an opportunity for your child to get a head start on their career, or to simply to choose the electives they most enjoy?

This month, School A to Z features two articles with expert advice on how to help your child choose  subjects that will give them the most options later on, regardless of whether they want to go to university, or they see themselves pursuing a trade or apprenticeship .

Year 10 subject selection looks at what subjects your child is most likely to succeed in, and how to help them choose the right courses to set themselves up for university studies. It also contains information on university subject selection nights, and links to all NSW universities.

Parents and students should also read Vocational education in school, to learn about the increased range of options that can help your child "test-drive" a trade or apprenticeship while finishing high school.

The good news about vocational education (or VET studies) is that students can now work towards a recognised qualification in Year 11 and 12, while finishing high school and completing the HSC.

These days, when the average person is likely to have several careers throughout their working life, keeping your options open with education and qualifications is vital - and VET studies could provide  the perfect career pathways for your teen.