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Last updated 2:07 PM on 7 October 2012

Rheyanon Shields has just been offered the part of 'Jenny' in the upcoming Sydney Theatre Company/New England Project collaboration due to perform here in Armidale in October. This is a great achievement and will see Rheyanon work with writers, directors and actors from the STC.



Duval has received three nominations for Onstage for this year's Drama HSC group: Matt Barton for his performance of 'Aston' from the 'Caretaker' by Pinter, Maddy Ryan for her performance of 'The woman' from 'A Telephone Call' by Dorothy Parker, and a group-devised piece called 'I dream of Eugene' starring Dylan Perryman, Robin Hutchinson, Andrew Bartik, Trevor Gee and Reece Hodson. We hope their performances might be selected for the Onstage programs in February next year.


Congratulations is due to all students from this class for the exceptionally high standard of performance work they all produced that has helped these students to reach their potential. It has been an outstanding year in Drama. These nominations mean the students have received a 30/30 for this area of performances and are part of a small group of outstanding individuals nominated by markers.