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Last updated 5:13 PM on 6 January 2015


2015 Year 7 Advisor

"I want every Duval parent to be able to engage with a person rather than the institution. I aim to provide the person-to-person contact that makes the partnership between families and school a success, for every student."

Mr Chris Spencer

Year 7 Adviser 2015

2015 Year 11 Adviser

"The HSC years can be challenging, as part of my role I will provide advice and support to students to ensure their HSC journey is a rewarding and successful experience."

Ms Cathie Simes

Year 11 Adviser 2015

Careers Adviser

"I am devoted to building student confidence, nurturing passion, encouraging dreams & aspirations. I endeavour to equip and empower our students with the knowledge and skills required for a successful transition from school to work or further education.  I provide individualised career mentoring & support to all our students."

Mrs Lana Hardman

Careers Adviser

Duval High School Principal

"I am proud of the HSC achievements of all of our students, but special mention must be made of the outstanding efforts of Erin, Jol, Xavier, Hannah, Lucy and Kaitlyn. Once again Duval High School students have displayed their quality and the fine education provided by Public Schools NSW. I thank all of their parents and teachers for the hard work and commitment which has gone into making these results possible. The Class of 2014 have been well-prepared for success in their future endeavours, and I wish them all the best."

Mr Stafford Cameron


2014 HSC

"I feel really lucky to have completed my schooling at Duval High School and Ben Venue Public School. The teachers I've had have been supportive, knowledgeable and helpful, and I've been offered plenty of valuable opportunities over the years. Next year, I'm hoping to study either medicine or pharmacy at UNE."

ATAR 99.75

2014 HSC

"I feel that the encouragement from my teachers to work towards, and achieve to the best of my ability has transferred into the success of my HSC. I am most proud of, however, my woodwork project and it's nomination for InTech 2015, with special thanks owed to my Industrial teacher Mr Teege. I intend to study a Bachelor (Honours) of Mechanical Engineering in 2016, and feel that my results have enabled this opportunity."

ATAR 80.20

2014 HSC

"The support I received from my teachers and peers was invaluable to my success. I am currently preparing to study economics at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea and hope to in the future work for the United Nations or the World Bank."

ATAR 94.95

2014 HSC

''It is unquestionable that without the support, dedication and kindness of the teachers and staff of Duval High School, that I, and my peers would not have achieved these results. We hold an enormous debt to these men and women that can only be repaid through our future success and happiness in honour of their efforts. Thank you Duval for helping us to realize our fullest potential and for being the embodiment of an ideal and wonderful Public Education."

ATAR 85.95

2014 HSC

"Thank you Duval High for helping me achieve my potential. The teachers are so supportive and assisted my studies every step of the way. In the future I plan to study the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Melbourne University."

ATAR 81.15