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Last updated 2:04 PM on 15 October 2015
Deputy Principal of Duval High School

Hello again

What a fantastic school community we have.  It is a lovely thing to see staff, parents and students working so well together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our kids.  The respect and support shown for each other in the classroom, playground, sports field and at community meetings and events testifies to a fantastic school culture here at Duval High School.

From time to time all students make mistakes and it is really great to be able to separate the student from the issue, working together with parents, carers, staff and students to acknowledge and repair mistakes made, moving our young people forward to more positive outcomes.  Though it may be quite fraught at the time, it's all part of growing up and learning to get on with  a wide variety of personalities as well as to deal with new and evolving situations.

I am so pleased to be working with such great kids and families.

Talk soon!


Mrs Sandra Rosner