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Last updated 3:29 PM on 26 June 2015

Wow!  What a journey.  There is nothing like a high school musical to excite and engage a school community.  The response from the students, staff and community has been overwhelming in putting this project together.  It has only been through this team effort that this musical has been the success that it is.

A big thank you goes to the school's Parents & Citizens Association whose generous financial and logistical support has meant that we can stage a musical as big as Guys and Dolls.  We look forward to working with you again on similar projects in the future.

To the students, thank you!  You have repaid our trust in your ability to pull this show off in spades.  Your energy and enthusiasm has been the lifeblood of this journey.  Guys and Dolls has allowed you to show off your wit, charm, grace, and beauty.  We have relied on your sheer raw energy to spur us on through late nights and early mornings and we've enjoyed every minute of it.  It's been great fun, and we know you'll remember this for the rest of your lives.  We certainly will!

Bruce Myers | Katy Walsh |

Amy-Lee Petherbridge | Waine Grafton |

Jason Moulynox | Meg Mancell