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Last updated 10:57 AM on 9 December 2011

Duval High School public speakers surpassed all expectations with their exceptional performances in last week's Minnis Shield. The audience was wowed by the speeches which students had spent several weeks preparing and polishing in advance of the big day.


Relieving Principal Mr Bartlett-Taylor, History teacher and Librarian, Mrs Stroud, and Head teacher English, Ms Hoddinnott, adjudicated the event. Winner of the Minnis Shield for Years 7-8, Aleisha Singleton, delivered a thoughful, original interpretation of the topic 'The more we speak, the less we communicate.' Adjudicators commended Aleisha's confidence, poise and determination. Madeline Reckord, Eva Rummery, David Wilson and Winona Rumble secured Highly Commended awards in this division. Great work!

The Minnis Cup for Years 9-10 was no less thrilling, with Lucy Eddy winning the division with a sophisticated and rousing speech on 'The boats.' Adjudicators were impressed by the depth of Lucy's insight on her subject, her intelligence and conviction. Mr Bartlett-Taylor was especially impressed by this compelling speech and selected Lucy to present the keynote speech at this year's Presentation Evening to showcase her special talent. Brittany Singleton, Christine Freak, Hunter Marsh and Sarah El-Sayed achieved Highly Commended awards in this section. Well done indeed!

The competition was rounded off with the Minnis Trophy for Year 11. Adjudicators found it difficult to separate the speakers, such was the calibre of the entrants. Matthew Barton, speaking on the topic 'Love Rules', had the audience in stitches as he placed the pitfalls of young love under the microscope. Madeleine Horneman and Ashley Hobbs received Highly Commended awards for their skilful speeches. Congratulations Year 11!

Coordinator Ms Armstrong acknowledges the contributions of the History-Languages Faculty to the success of the Minnis Public Speaking Competition and to Elizabeth Holland, our terrific chairperson. Megan Abdul-Majid, Sam Andronicus, Lucy Comens, Imogen Connors, Victoria Everett, Alicia McManus, Brandon Giles, Lachlan Northam, Joshua Gartshore, Courtney Preston, Libby Howey, Jade Fangmeier and Curtis Harper showed themselves to be willing, reliable and cheerful helpers. Thank you!

FOOTNOTE: Federal Member for New England, Mr Tony Windsor, was floored by Lucy Eddy's performance on Presentation Night and has invited her to perform Work Experience in his office. Lucy, a strong advocate for social justice, was delighted to accept Mr Windsor's invitation. A fine achievement, Lucy! The Duval community will follow your political career with interest and pride.