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Last updated 3:07 PM on 4 July 2012

Year 11 student Marni Walsh has been invited to attend the final stage of the development of the New England Project, a Sydney Theatre Company (STC) and New England Region school initiative aimed at developing links to the theatre industry and creating a NE focused production involving workshops with students and discussions with teachers from the region.

In this final stage a teacher and student from each of the selected schools have been invited to attend 2 days with the STC where a number of events and workshops withll see the project through to completion before a planned theatre performance tour in October.

This has been a very exciting process, having writer directors from the STC visit our schools and run drama workshops, as well as holiday workshops for a number of students working on script development.

You can keep up to day with what's happening with the project by 'liking' the New England Project page on http://www.facebook.com/newenglandproject.