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Last updated 1:35 PM on 21 March 2014

We had 24 very keen Duval High School students participate in the 2014 Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad at UNE on 27 February. The students from Year 9 to Year 11 worked in groups of four to solve a variety of logic-based language problems over a two hour period. This is a fantastic competition for our students, who gain an insight into the world of linguistics whilst developing their problem-solving and teamwork skills.


The university very generously provided the students with an impressive breakfast and it was well received by our eager eaters.


Both our senior teams, made up of Oliver Bruhl, Farihah Islam, Aleisha Singleton, and Madeline Reckord; and Jol Choct, Lindsay Symons, Justin Bullen and Thomas Browne have made it through to the national round of this competition, which is a brilliant effort, and we wish them luck next week as they take on students from around the country.