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Last updated 12:11 PM on 14 October 2013


Thirty two enthusiastic Duval High School students  participated in the Northern NSW Decathlon event hosted by The Armidale School at the end of Term 3.  We entered four teams from Year 7 to Year 10 and competed against students from as far afield as Coffs Harbour as well as teams from our local high schools.


Students were required to work in their groups, completing a series of ten activities across a range of disciplines. With no teacher involvement the students needed to assign tasks amongst themselves, given each individual's strengths.  The tasks were marked and the marks combined to calculate overall placings.

Our teams all performed well, with Year 7 being placed 5th in their year group, Year 8 placed 2nd, Year 9 placed 3rd, and Year 10 placed 1st.  With 37 teams competing across the year groups we were certainly very proud of our students' achievements.


Our Year 10 team managed to gain first place in five of the disciplines, Art and Poetry, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Code Breaking. They also placed 2nd or 3rd in four of the other disciplines, which gives an indication of their breadth and depth of talent, as well as their impressive ability to work well in a team.


Our students gained much from the day, represented their school with pride, and are no doubt looking forward to this event becoming a regular addition to the Extension and Enrichment activities offered in the region.


Ms Morey