Older News  » To all parents – New uniform items at Duval High School

Last updated 10:32 AM on 5 February 2015

Please note that the additional uniform items put forward by the P&C late in 2014 (uniform dress for girls and new polo shirts for all students) had not been officially endorsed by either the P&C or the school at the end of 2014. It was not intended that these items be introduced to the school uniform until this year, after the parents and community had an opportunity to discuss the proposals.

Unfortunately, due to an error of communication the items were released for production to one supplier only, and this is an unacceptable situation. I therefore apologise on behalf of the school to those suppliers who were affected by this error. The items have now been formally endorsed and will be available (as are all uniform items) at the following uniform suppliers as soon as possible:-


  • Lowes Armidale –Shop 6, Armidale Plaza
  • Mallee Bull - 2a/225 Mann St
  • InterSport – 151 Rusden St


I understand that some parents were mistakenly informed that these items were the new, official school uniform during the holidays. As you can see, this was not the case and I apologise to parents for the confusion caused by this mix up.


PLEASE NOTE: The dress and polo shirt are additions to theschool uniform and do not take the place of any other part of the uniform. Students are still entitled to wear the same uniform items (e.g. tartan skirt or plain white polo shirt) as previously.


Stafford Cameron