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Last updated 10:44 AM on 14 June 2017

Parents may be wondering why I am currently sending so many letters home about students not wearing the correct uniform. The NSW Department of Education (Public Schools NSW) behaviour Code for Students clearly states that students must, "Comply with the school's uniform policy or dress code."

At this present moment, it is very difficult to tell whether some of the students in our playground actually attend our school, because they are wearing clothing that does not resemble our uniform in any way. We have a very broad and fair uniform code which is fully supported by the P&C of the school, and allows for the wearing of special representative clothing such as Northwest Rep jackets. We also believe that wearing the correct uniform fulfils all of our school's PBL values – Community, Respect, Excellence, Safety and Teamwork. Wearing the wrong coloured jumpers, blue jeans, leggings or yoga pants to school is not acceptable.

The bottom line is, we want our students to look good, and also to look like they are proud of their school! To do this, they need to be in the correct school uniform! Please support your school by ensuring that your child wears the uniform every day.


Stafford Cameron