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Last updated 9:22 AM on 7 December 2012

Duval High School is in the process of bringing our communication with parents and the community into the 21st Century! Very shortly we will be creating a new communications database which will help us to send information directly to parents via email and SMS.


Why are we doing this? A recent P&C evaluation of communication at Duval High School clearly showed that better use of electronic communication is the overwhelming preference of all sections of the school community.  Improving our ability as a school community to communicate electronically via E-mail and SMS is also a key target in our School Plan.  We hope that by moving down this path we will be able to improve and speed up communication of school events (e.g. changes to daily routine) to parents, while also allowing parents to let us know, for example, if their child is going to be away from school on a particular day.


In order to facilitate this we are asking that you provide us with up-to-date contact details and indicate the type of information you would like to receive electronically. Please click the link to the Form - Contact details, complete and return it to the box in the front office.


Please note that the information you are providing will be managed by Duval High School and will not be shared with any other agency other than our P&C.


Form - Contact details (docx 81 KB)