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Last updated 8:48 AM on 5 January 2015

From 2-5 December, Year 10 went on their excursion to Sydney. The excursion started with a bang ….. the bus broke down! We were stranded for over an hour just outside Willow Tree in the hot sun. A replacement bus arrived from Tamworth and we continued onto Sydney where the fun and excitement began: Pancakes on the Rocks for dinner and a ferry ride to see the city's night lights.

On the first day we went to the Justice and Police Museum, where we learnt about the Pyjama Girl Mystery and got dressed up for a mock trial. We went to Cockatoo Island and learnt about the convicts, Thunderbolt's escape and the ship building. There were also some old film sets from the movie Wolverine. We went up the Sydney Tower Eye and saw a short film in 4D.

On the second day we visited the Pylon Lookout Museum – great views – and then we went to Wet'n'Wild and the IMAX. At Wet'n'Wild we had some great experiences – like Mr Model nearly falling out of the tube, and Ms Simes constantly saturated in the face on one of the rides.

We can confidently say on behalf of our year this was the best excursion we have been on as a year group. Thanks to Ms Simes for organising it, and the other teachers who came with us. We appreciate it.