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Your invitation to transition events

Getting to know your surroundings and feeling comfortable in them is important for everyone. It's particularly important for our students so they can concentrate on learning – without worrying about how to get to their next classroom or who the teacher is. To help students from Armidale High School feel at ease in their new surroundings while at the Duval High School campus, we're hosting a series of transition events. One is for you and your children, held in the evening; while the other is just for students, run during school hours. Please... Read more

2018 Resource Allocation Model funding

In October 2017, all NSW public schools will receive a 2018 Planned School Budget Allocation Report. The report will assist with the management of the total budget delivered to schools through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM). The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) methodology distributes funding based on the individual needs of students and schools. This gives schools greater flexibility to make local decisions. Learn more about the 2018 funding by visiting the department's website or watch a short animation about managing the total school... Read more

Have your say on the name of Armidale's new future school

We encourage you to vote now on the name of Armidale's new Future School. The Project Reference Group, who is planning the new school, is encouraging as many people as possible from the community to have their say to ensure a wide variety of opinion is heard. Voting is easy. Clicking on this link will take you to the survey form where you can provide your input. There is a list of school names in development, so you can vote on your favourites, provide feedback on them, and make additional suggestions. The voting mechanism is via Bang the... Read more

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NDIS logo

NDIS continues its roll out across NSW

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) started in NSW in July 2016, rolling out across half of the state. The rollout for the rest of NSW started on 1 July 2017 and the NDIS will be fully rolled out by mid 2018. The NSW government is writing to the families of children and young people with disability who currently receive disability supports in the rollout areas to advise how and when they will enter the NDIS. How will people move into the NDIS? There is a planned approach to the way people enter into the NDIS. The first people to... Read more

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2017 Higher School Certificate Examinations venue

Dear Parents and Carers 2017 Higher School Certificate Examination Venue I am please to inform you of the arrangements that Duval High School has been able to put into place to ensure that your children have the best environment for completing their HSC examinations. In partnership with the University of New England, Duval High School students will have access to the Wright Centre for the majority of their 2017 Examinations. From Monday 16 October 2017 (HSC Day 1) to Friday 3 November 2017 (HSC Day 15) inclusive, students will sit their HSC... Read more

Dear past students

Reimagining Armidale's Secondary Schooling | Respectfully, Inclusively, Creatively | #armidalefutureschool You probably heard the announcement late last term about the consolidation of Duval High School and Armidale High School into a single new school, which will begin operating in 2020/21. Both schools are excited about creating a secondary school that will be unlike any other in NSW. Our planning will be based on 21st century teaching practices, with teaching and learning as the drivers for all decision-making. It has been heartening to see... Read more

NAPLAN Online School readiness test

NSW schools will participate in the NAPLAN Online School Readiness Test from 14 August to 22 September. There is a lot of information for schools, students and parents on the NAPLAN Online transition website. The school readiness test is a ‘practice run' for schools to assess their technology as we prepare to transition to NAPLAN Online. It provides an opportunity for schools to become familiar with the NAPLAN Online assessment platform but is not an assessment of student ability.... Read more

NW Athletics Carnival postponed

The NW Athletics Carnival scheduled for Friday 4 August, has been postponed until Tuesday 8 August 2017. See Mr Model for further information.... Read more

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Education Week 2017

Next week (Monday 31 July – Friday 4 August) is Education Week, a statewide annual event to celebrate public education in NSW. The week highlights the achievements of public education and local schools, putting the spotlight on our students, our educators and the communities that support them. This year's theme is I Learn, We Learn. It is a celebration of the commitment of the NSW Department of Education to ensuring that our students are at the heart of learning and that all our schools improve every year. Education Week is also a time for... Read more



After the announcement late last term on the future consolidation of Duval High School and Armidale High School, we're pleased to announce the start of the 12-month community engagement process that will involve students, parents and staff in both schools along with the broader Armidale community in the creation of the new school. Our new hashtag #armidalefutureschool will be a crucial tool in capturing the community's conversation. Visit the new website, and join the conversation at #armidalefutureschool. The... Read more

Power Hour - Tuesday after school

@ Duval High library We are delighted to be able to support all our students with the introduction of a POWER HOUR. Students are encouraged to visit the library on Tuesdays from 3.30 to 4.30 to get extra support completing homework, assignments or help with understanding what they are learning in their classes. A teacher will always be available to support and assist students. Students will have access to the internet, via the computers and laptops, and printers. Our study centre will provide a secure, supervised learning environment in a... Read more

Compulsory School Attendance Information for Parents

What if my child has to be away from school? On occasion, your child may need to be absent from school. Justified reasons for student absences may include: being sick, or having an infectious disease having an unavoidable medical appointment being required to attend a recognised religious holiday exceptional or urgent family circumstance (e.g. attending a funeral) Following an absence from school you must ensure that within 7 days you provide your child's school with a verbal or written explanation for the absence. However, if the school has... Read more

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The consolidation of Armidale HS & Duval HS - FAQs

Why amalgamate Armidale High School and Duval High School? The projected Year 7 to 12 enrolments at Armidale High School and Duval High School show only moderate growth over the next fifteen years. Consolidating the schools onto one school site will allow for the delivery of an expanded curriculum by specialist teachers with enhanced transition pathways for students in further education and employment. The new school will include classrooms and specialised facilities that support personalised, integrated and connected learning experiences... Read more

Latest news for parents

As you're probably aware, the NSW Government has committed significant funding for a new, purpose-built secondary school in Armidale. Planning for the new school will commence in Term 3, when students, staff, parents and the wider community will be invited to engage with the project team to determine the school's facilities and raise questions about how the project will unfold. In addition to this, the project team will welcome feedback from stakeholders on how best to ensure that the rich culture and heritage of the existing two schools is... Read more

School of the Future

The NSW Treasurer has announced in the budget that a brand new, purpose-built high school will be constructed on the Armidale High School site within the next three years, at a cost of $65 million. The school will be unlike any other in regional NSW, having state-of-the-art learning spaces, facilities and resources, including specialist subject facilities for science and technology, recording and performance facilities and sporting facilities, all which will rival anything in any school in NSW and possibly across Australia. Students, staff and... Read more

Winter Uniform

Parents may be wondering why I am currently sending so many letters home about students not wearing the correct uniform. The NSW Department of Education (Public Schools NSW) behaviour Code for Students clearly states that students must, "Comply with the school's uniform policy or dress code." At this present moment, it is very difficult to tell whether some of the students in our playground actually attend our school, because they are wearing clothing that does not resemble our uniform in any way. We have a very broad and fair uniform code... Read more

State winner

Harmony Day Poster Competition State Winner

From around 3000 entries, Amelia Randell of Year 10 was awarded equal first position in the 2017 Harmony Day Poster Competition. Amelia and Ms Armstrong flew to Sydney last week where they attended NSW Parliament House for the awards ceremony. There, they met politicians and award-presenters Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Opposition Leader Luke Foley, Local Government Minister Gabrielle Upton and ALP stalwart Laurie Ferguson. Mr Ernie Friedlander, competition organiser, inspired the audience with his personal reflections on the importance of... Read more

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NAPLAN: Advice for Parents 2017 (and for the 2020 HSC)

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It has been an everyday part of the school calendar since 2008. This year, NAPLAN has added significance for Year 9 students who will do their Higher School Certificate in 2020. NAPLAN tests the sorts of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. The assessments are undertaken nationwide, every year, in the second full week in May. This... Read more

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Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Tuesday 14 March 2017. The Parent Portal is open for bookings until Tuesday 9:00 am. To register on the Portal go to: To log into the Portal go to: Please ring the front office on 6772 1266 if you need assistance with the Parent Portal.... Read more

Armidale Cup Public Holiday

Important Notice Armidale Cup Public Holiday – Monday 20 March 2017 Dear Parents and Carers Last year a decision was made by Armidale Regional Council to declare a half day public holiday on Monday 20 March 2017 for the Armidale Cup. As this has been gazetted by the NSW Minister for Industrial Relations under the Public Holidays Act of 2010, the public holiday applies to all employees working within the Armidale town boundary. Since January 2012, new provisions of the Public Holidays Act 2010 have applied to Local Public Holidays and... Read more

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Healthy School Canteens

Introducing Healthy School Canteens

The introduction of the revised Healthy School Canteen Strategy increases the availability of healthy food and drink options in school canteens to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. It replaces the Fresh Tastes@School Strategy in NSW schools that was commonly known as the traffic light system. The revised strategy is consistent with the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines and classifies food and drinks as either Everyday or Occasional. Sugary drinks will continue not to be sold. NSW public schools will have until the end of 2019 to... Read more

The School Photographer

Dear Parents To make payments for school photos after photography day you can choose one of the following options: 1. Go to the website and select the "Click here for Online Payments" button and follow the on screen instructions. or 2. Call our office on 9674 9824 and we will take your credit card payment over the phone. (Note - there is a processing fee of $5 for phone payments) Kind regards The School Photographer... Read more

Meningococcal School-based Vaccination Program

The NSW Minister for Health has today announced the start of a school-based meningococcal vaccination program targeting Year 11 and 12 students in Term 2 2017. Meningococcal W has emerged as a significant cause of invasive meningococcal disease with the number of cases almost tripling in NSW in 2016 compared to 2015. Meningococcal disease is a rare but serious illness that can present as meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord) or septicaemia (blood poisoning) and may be caused by one of several serogroups (or... Read more

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Our shared responsibility

Welcome back for the 2017 school year. I hope everyone had a relaxing and refreshing break. I'd like to particularly welcome students (along with their parents) and staff starting in our schools for the first time. May the year ahead be engaging and rewarding – a wonderful year of teaching and learning. We know the world is transforming profoundly and quickly, and it is our great responsibility to prepare our children and young people so that they can flourish through such change. When our children finish school and enter the evermore... Read more