Message from the Year 9 Adviser

In Year 9, students begin their study towards the Record of Student Achievement (RoSA). They study English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE and three electives.

In May, students complete NAPLAN tests, results of which are used to assist programming and teaching.

This year, students are able to choose their sport. Sport options may include ten-pin bowling, swimming and netball.

Peer Support training is offered to Year 9 students aspiring to lead Year 7 groups next year. These students will participate in orientation activities in Term 4 and may attend the Warrumbungles excursion in 2016.

Realistic goal setting and effective time management will make the year less stressful and more enjoyable. Students should ensure that they use a diary to record assessment dates and daily requirements.

Counselling staff is available at Duval for students who may need some extra support with personal or school issues.

I look forward to working with students this year and wish them every success with their Year 9 studies.


Wendy Morey

Year 9 Adviser 2016